Suzy Mitchell

Wedding Photographer

Not for me the gift of a camera at an early age, unlike so many photographers I didn’t spend my adolescence taking photographs, perfecting my craft…

Instead, I became a lawyer and the dry legal world swallowed me up, I even married one! (although he isn’t stereo-typical!) Two beautiful daughters later, I found photography, or rather it found me… That was 10 years ago and now, hundreds of weddings and portrait shoots later I have built a career which allows my creativity to flourish and which consistently challenges me to achieve and express myself more and more through my imagery.

"it is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye"

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Artistic influences

What inspires my photography? The work of photographers such as Jean Loup Sieff and Henri Cartier Bresson are right up there. I love the timeless quality of black and white photography, which lends itself perfectly to both wedding and portraiture work.

The drama and simplicity of black and white attracts me, the way it strips the image back to the story we are telling, the way it celebrates texture, form and shape.

When I take a photograph I “see” in black and white and love the way it conveys emotion with such immediacy. I look for the unorchestrated in my documentary wedding photography;  Images should engage the viewer in somebody else’s story, their experiences and life, evoking an emotional response, be it laughter,  tears, tenderness or elation.

When I am not working I love nothing more than spending time with my family and friends, enjoying all that life offers, long walks on the moors, scouring junk shops, watching films (my all time favourite is Cinema Paradiso) and when I get the chance, visiting Italy, a country with which I have never fallen out of love!

That legal career proved useful in the end, it taught me how to get the best from people, to reassure and to collaborate with you and help you to relax and help you to enjoy having your photographs taken by me.

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