Travel and Street Photography 1

Beneath the general chaos of “Corona times” have flowed some positives, one of which, the simplification of life, has given me the opportunity for exploration of other genres of photography which I have always enjoyed but had too little time to pursue.

Life has slowed a little since 2018 anyway and as many of you know, I am no longer shooting weddings. Our girls are almost grown and in about 18 months it’s likely that neither will be living at home. Despite feeling a little inevitable sadness, there is the upside too, more time to spend photographing families, my former wedding clients’ children and all the new clients to come, together with my popular workshops. Thank you to all of you who have booked and have been so obliging in putting shoots and workshops on hold until we can reschedule due to the current tricky circumstances.

During the past few weeks in lockdown I have derived enjoyment from going through old shoots, archived travel images, those happy, warm photos taken on holidays in the sunshine and my street photography images.

I have entered a couple of competitions, started pulling together images for the book I print for myself every two years, started a mentored project and generally played! We go on learning and improving in whichever sphere we operate by practising, being taught, experimenting and also by others who set high standards in their work...take a look at the previous post I wrote about the photographers of the past who set me on this path.

I thought it would be fun and inspiring to show you some of these travel and street photography images so you can glimpse more of what makes me so enjoy being a photographer and why I am so passionate about it, not to mention having the good fortune and opportunity to interpret life whatever, wherever or whoever it may be.

There will be more travelling, future projects and much creativity to come when we are finally “liberated” but for now here is a selection of some of my favourites with a little information about where each was taken.

Looking to the future I hope to have a website exclusively for my travel and street imagery…it’s in the pipeline but in the meantime please join me over on Instagram to see more of my work.

The first four images were taken in Morocco over a decade ago but remain favourites.

Suzy Mitchell Travel Photography Morocco

I can never resist a palm. A few of my more successful attempts below! Here it was all about the light.

Now for a little colour. My preference is usually for black and white (I am all about shape, form and texture) but warm climes sometimes need colour to pulse out that heat. I try to limit the colour palate though! Below, a man takes a shower after his early morning swim in Sitges, Spain.

Kids messing about in Nice 2016. This was a superb place to catch the action. Two images from here.

Documentary streetphotography is hard to do involves a lot of waiting and timing, not to mention blending into the background. The ladies in this first image (shot in Brooklyn New York, 2017) had no idea it had been taken as I shot from my hip, praying I could keep things straight .


I always enjoy a good juxtaposition which happened in the photograph below...the passengers in the pedalo didn't seem to be amused contrasting with the lady on the billboard seemingly smiling down at them!

Ice skating in Central Park, below. Iconic.

Below, rainstorm in Viareggio, Italy. Our hotel overlooked the front so I dashed back to the bedroom to get this shot. Just love the pools of light reflected in the rain water on the road.

A few more now from my series "Palms." I have been so delighted that people have wanted to purchase these. It's been exciting waiting for an image from this set to be hung in a client's kitchen in large format.

There always seem to be lots of cats and dogs on our travels. "Angry cat" below felt like he was coming right at me!

We managed to squeeze a trip to Paris in a couple of weeks before lockdown became a thing...I haven't fully edited these images yet so will leave you with just the one. As twilight came (La crepuscule to the French) I looked across from our apartment to the one across the street, where they were setting the table for dinner. Somehow this image has a "painterly" quality to it and doesn't work at all in black and white. So here it is, with all it's warmth and welcome, appropriate in these times as we are urged to " stay home."

Photographic Art- The Start of an Expensive Habit. 2

Photographic Art- The Start of an Expensive Habit.

My love affair with photographic art books goes back over 20 years…we were in Whitby, just the two of us, the time pre kids. Within a second hand book shop I discovered a brand new, cellophane wrapped, copy of Jean Loup Sieff’s “ Forty Years of Photography”. It proved to be not just a seminal moment but the foundation for all the other books which followed.


I fell in love with his imagery years before I started to photograph with any seriousness at all; He underpinned my love affair with black and white coupled with the grainy film which he employed (and which makes me yearn to return to the days when I shot film). His book is the one on the left below...

My copy of his book is battered, the dust cover torn, however the biggest compliment that I can pay JLS is that each time I settle down and turn the pages an image will appear which I don’t believe I’ve seen before, patently this cannot be so…today it was plate 230 “ Palms in the Seychelles”

Google him….I challenge you not to be sucked into his clean, chic, sassy imagery, a mesmerising mix of the documentary with meticulously planned fashion shoots, famous faces (Alfred Hitchcock for one), the "beautiful people," and the mundane. More than these though was his awesome use of light, rich inky blacks , sparkling whites with every tone represented in between.

A complete class act and still my favourite!

A few from the collection below

An Autumn Family Shoot at Bolton Abbey 3

An Autumn Family Shoot at Bolton Abbey

I had a fun filled morning with these little guys, their Mum and Grandma a few weeks ago playing by the River Wharfe at Bolton Abbey. What a beautiful day it was with gorgeous Autumnal colours, soft slightly misty light and two little boys with tons of energy!

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Beginners Workshop Training Session Ilkley 4

Beginners Workshop Training Session Ilkley

Last Friday was a landmark day…I held my first workshop entitled “How to take Better Photos of your Children.” Aimed at beginners it was a long time in the planning but it felt hugely satisfying to pass on some of my experience gained over a decade of photographing children.

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