My engagement shoots last a couple of hours and take place in Ilkley or within a 5 mile radius on a week day. Fridays are a favourite as you can combine the shoot with a long weekend! £195 covers the shoot and includes 5 high resolution Jpegs, fully edited.

Why have an Engagement Shoot?

My best answer to this question is that it removes some of the fear factor! It can be a little intimidating if the first face-to-face contact with me, your photographer, is on the morning of your wedding. Some couples are completed chilled about this but others find it really helps if we have built up a rapport beforehand and a pre-wedding shoot is a perfect opportunity to do this.

We can chat, I can hear how you met, get a bit of background, hear about any “must have” shots you’d like and for you to discuss any ideas for shots you might have seen in magazines or online. We can walk through some of the things we might do on your wedding day, even if it’s jus holding hands and walking whilst I shoot!

It’s also an opportunity to chat through alternative wet wedding plans; the UK weather is at best unpredictable therefore a Plan B is vital.

So, a few months later, on the morning of your wedding your reaction is more “great, it’s Suzy, we enjoyed our shoot with her a few months ago and have the images from the session”, as opposed to an inward groan along the lines of “oh no, she’s here and now I have to have my photograph taken!”

How It Works

In the run up to your pre-wedding shoot I’ll send you a PDF full of information including details about which clothing works best, colours to embrace and colours to avoid, styles which work really well and which don’t, my favourite locations (although I am always keen to discover new shooting environments), the merits of bringing along your dog (generally I am all in favour of canine friends, they work so well as “real live props” and can really help you relax, which season to choose (I usually advise choosing a different season to the one in which you are getting married so as to give you two sets of images, which are entirely different in feel and look), and ways of using your pre-wedding shoot imagery later on.

I try to gear everything towards giving you the very best experience possible and this includes your pre-wedding shoot.

Looking back, the time between becoming engaged and getting married was magical. We were so in love, giddy with the romance of it all and the certainty in the knowledge we had found in each other a partner for life. Yet, we have no proper photographs from this time, only a snap taken moments after Andrew had proposed, in the gloom of the night, in the Place San Juan de Dios in Cadiz. There we were, physically in our prime (the years have taken their toll!), crazily in love and we should have a record of such a wonderful time.

This why I want to offer my couples this chance to create some beautiful images if only to look back upon in the years to come to act as a trigger for all that you feel now and remind you how special you are to one another.

What to Wear for your Engagement Shoot?

The easy answer to this is whatever you feel comfortable in and which also reflects who you are and your personalities. Don’t go out and buy something for the shoot which is dissimilar to your usual style or in a colour you would never normally wear- chances are it won’t suit you and you won’t like the photos. Avoiding polo neck jumpers (they shorten the body!) is advisable and please feel free to bring some old boots especially if we are in the countryside and need to do a little walking to reach our destination, bring your smart boots in a bag!

Essentially we are looking to achieve the very best version of you both! Ask do our outfits compliment one another both in colour and style? If we are heading out to the countryside for your shoot perhaps think about more muted colours but a more vibrant edgy look might look right against an urban setting if we are shooting in the middle of a city. For girls, hair and make up need a little thought , best to time a hair appointment for the morning of or day before the shoot and a little professional make up can make a big difference in photographs, especially for the eyes! In fact it can be a good time to do a trial run for the wedding if you have already booked your make up artist.