How long does a shoot last?

About 2 hours (photographing) but I am happy to be flexible and will often keep shooting for a little longer whilst everyone is having a good time. There is always some time taken up initially when I arrive at your home, it works well to have a coffee, chat and get to know everyone a little before getting the camera out. This way, especially with small children, a rapport has been established which I can build upon as we shoot. Teenagers often benefit from a discussion about their photographs, any ideas they have and how to incorporate these into the shoot.

Where will our shoot take place?

The simple answer is wherever you like! Some clients like the idea of having some establishing shots at home or in the garden and then moving on to a location with special significance. Favourite locations have included: Harlow Carr, Brimham Rocks, Ilkley Moor, Fewston Reservoir and Bolton Abbey. With other clients I have met up at the location and we have taken things from there. If you are planning to shoot at home and an additional location it’s helpful to know beforehand so I can factor in travel time.

What happens if it rains on the day of our shoot?

The British weather is, needless to say unpredictable! I have shot the most beautiful shoots on cold winter days with low light yet had to postpone Summer shoots If they have fallen during a particularly wet August. A dark sky or even slightly damp weather is never a problem…younger children don’t mind as long as they are all wrapped up and sometimes a shoot is easier if we aren’t fighting with a bright sun at midday in the Summer. If we are shooting in the Summer I prefer to make an early start ( particularly if your children are small) but for teenagers it can work better to shoot in the early evening to capture the soft “golden hour” light and also give them chance to wake up, do the things they need to do and then have the shoot.

If it is properly wet on your shoot day we will reschedule but a decision about this is made on the morning of the shoot as forecasts often prove inaccurate!

Do we need to do anything to prepare for our shoot?

By the day of your shoot we will have spoken on the phone, had a chat about what to expect and you will also have been sent a PDF outlining things to consider when planning the shoot for example clothing and locations etc. I have covered this a little in the My Approach section of the web site.

What is included in our shoot fee? (Non Collections)

The shoot fee of £125 includes my time photographing at your shoot, travel to and from the shoot, and editing time. It doesn’t include any finished products or Jegs.

At the time of enquiring I will have sent you a detailed PDF of my pricing both for my Collections and my A la Carte list. If you didn’t receive this please drop me an email at

Professional portrait photography is a luxury; It involves not only beautiful finished products but also skill and expertise gathered over many years, together with a lot of time both during your shoot but also in the editing of the images afterwards. Most of my clients appreciate this and usually budget to spend somewhere between £1000-£2500.

If you choose one of my Collections your shoot fee is included in the cost of the Collection

Do we pay your travel expenses?

Travel within a 15 mile radius of LS29 8BG is included in your shoot fee. Additional miles are charged at 45p per mile.

How do I book our session with you?

The two easiest ways are with to fill in the booking form here or email me at The Summer can be very busy so it really is worth getting your date in the diary well in advance. Your dates is only secured once the shoot fee has been received.

Is it ok to bring our dog along to the shoot?

Of course! I love dogs and they are part of the family after all! In fact if you have a look through my galleries you’ll notice that all kinds of animals have made it into the shoots including pigs, chickens, dogs and rabbits!

What happens after our shoot?

Within 10 days of your shoot I will put a selection of around 50 edited images on to an on line personalised gallery which will be password protected. A lot of time will have gone into selecting and editing these images, giving them my signature feel and look so they are ready for you to start making your selection. The images will be available to be viewed for 7 days and you can use the gallery software to show me your favourites. At this stage you are welcome to come to the studio, particularly if you wish to purchase an album, framed images or canvases in order to make a final selection and decide which finished products might work best for you.

Is it better to have my images printed or keep them as JPEGS?

I have answered this question in some depth in the My Approach part of the web site… it is a subject about which I feel quite passionately; to read more please follow the link here

How long will it take to receive our finished frames/canvases etc if we choose to order these?

My turn around time for framed images and canvases is approximately 4-6 weeks. Albums can take slightly longer particularly during the busy Summer months when I am busier as are my album company!

Is it possible to reschedule the shoot if one of us is ill?

Of course! A little notice is always great as it might allow me to give your date to another family but if someone is ill they won’t photograph well and the results won’t be what we would want them to be. There is no charge to reschedule once.

If you have any questions which I haven’t thought of please don’t hesitate to get in touch.