I really really enjoy marquee wedding photography so at the end of July it was with delight that Helena and I sped down the M1 for the much-anticipated wedding of Alex and Joe; this marquee wedding had been on my radar for months, needless to say – it did not disappoint; I’ve known Alex through her family for many years, sometimes she used to wait for outside reception class with all the Mums to pick up her little sister so I was delighted when she asked me to shoot her and Joe’s wedding.

So much thought and planning had gone on their wedding day and boy it showed. Alexandra and Joe combined their considerable skills with those of Hannah from All Things Borrowed to produce one of the most eclectic yet fabulous marquee interiors I have ever seen. It gave off the relaxed party vibe Alex and Joe had wanted …a party atmosphere in which to celebrate their 10 years together.

For me, the visual highlight was the interior of the little church, with its ancient soft pink murals on the walls; it almost felt as though we were inside a rural Tuscan church as opposed to one in the Cotswolds. Seeing emotions being expressed is beautiful and in the end all a photographer can do is capture, to the very best of their ability, what is happening around them, so from the antics of Joe’s Groomsmen to the dignified and moving service, through to the tears and laughter during the speeches, it was an absolute pleasure to capture it all.

This was a busy wedding, but one that leant itself very well to my documentary style of photography as does marquee wedding photography in general…I love to capture moments as they happen and this kind of wedding lends itself well to this as so much happens outside in an unconfined space. One of the groomsmen flying down the lane in a Landcover was a great example of this! See the images below.

Thank you Alex and Joe for choosing me to be your Marquee wedding photographer!

I absolutely love shooting marquee weddings so if this is what you are planning, please do get in touch.

Alex’s dress 
Alex’s Make up 
Marquee Interior – All Things Borrowed