A photo shoot to enjoy, memories to treasure

Are you looking for a family photographer to capture the smiles, laughter and also those thoughtful, serious expressions in a natural and relaxed way? I have over 15 years experience doing just this for countless families across Yorkshire and beyond and would love to photograph your family.

Relaxed spontaneous imagery looks effortless (which is a mark of success and a job well done!) but as with many things it requires a lot of skill and behind the scenes work to achieve. It is my job to think about all of this before your shoot, leaving you relaxed and having fun with your children.

Your Experience 1

It is important to me that I know what it is you’d like to achieve. Usually we will chat over the phone about what you are looking for; some clients may just want to have their children photographed whereas for others it is really important that they are in the pictures (a sentiment with which I whole heartedly agree!) For others, setting the shoot within their own home and garden gives the images context. Some prefer a walk in a favourite place which holds special meaning. Alternatively, if you like, I can scout a location for you.

Your Experience 2
Your Experience 3

I am a quiet observer, letting events unfold naturally allowing me to capture unscripted moments and if you feel you need a little more direction I can prompt and make suggestions such as playing hide and seek, paddling, picking flowers etc… the interaction allowing natural expressions to emerge.

Running, twirling, laughing and playing on my shoots are actively encouraged, particularly with little ones, and I never mind about incidentals such as unruly hair caught in the wind or a gap in the teeth!

The images I create aren’t a homage to perfection but rather a reflection of who you are, the fun you are having and the bond between you.

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Your Experience 5

My work is relaxed, natural and carefully edited to lend a “fine art” feel to the imagery; There is a world of difference between an image straight out of the camera and one which has been carefully edited…I want my photographs to be consistent in tone and feel, to convey emotion in part through the treatment of the photograph in post production. It is all these elements together which form my timeless, classic portraits in soft, rich black and white tones or colour.

I initially place your carefully individually edited images on to a personal on line gallery for you to view at your leisure and select your favourites; this enables you to enjoy and consider the images before you finalise your order, choose your frames, style of mounts and decide which images work best together whilst considering the style of wall art best suited to your interior. In effect most of your decision making will have been done before you come so you can relax and concentrate on the aesthetics!

I have developed a package so you know exactly what your photoshoot will include. Please view it here.

Why you should print your Images

I remember my grandparents only as “old” people, they were older when they had my Mum and likewise her when she had me. Until recently they had only appeared in photographs as their “older” selves. This was until I discovered some very small black and white photographs taken when my Mum was little and again as a beautiful young woman with my grandparents, caught by a photographer at the seaside, probably Scarborough.

They were taken in the days before digital photography, in an era when you would invest a lot of time and care in each photograph as film was limited. People had no choice but to print….and thank goodness these images were printed because suddenly I had a connection to my grandparents (George and Lily) as “real people” in the prime of their lives and now these images override my childhood recollections of them as frailer, a little diminished and old.

Without those 3 little prints I would never have had that nostalgic moment, when time stood still and I was transported to the 1950s as I held them in my hands.

I am not suggesting that every photograph we take should be printed, far from it, I have thousands of images on my phone and computer and sometimes all I want to do is upload them to my social media, send them to a friend, use them as a screensaver, they are in other words, “fluff”. But the other images, the special ones, shouldn’t be left to languish on a hard drive somewhere so when we do finally want to print them, frame them, hold them or show our children, they will have gone. Technology moves on, fast! Devices and the ways to access them become obsolete, so if we don’t print we run a very real risk of losing the images and, in part, the memories.

Those images of my Mum were taken over 50 years ago, will our images, photos of our children and parents, sitting on our computers, still be accessible in another 50 years?

The surest way to safeguard them is to print them and for those truly special images, to print them properly on to beautiful archival photographic paper and then to frame some of them so you can enjoy them every day.

Printing gives life to your images, you can hold, touch and feel them and once framed they are hard to ignore as you walk past them every day; The memories stored in each image will replay time and time again bringing with them a smile to your face.

Remember how it feels to walk past beautiful framed images of your children and family, framed to complement each image and the room into which thought and consideration has gone. Your images become Art.

“Look at what you love, Love what you look at”